Gammapac M0 panels are multipurpose panels designed to meet a wide range of applications.
They are widely used to suit requirements for access floors in High Rise Buildings.

Access floor panel

Bullet3 Composition :
The Gammapac M0 panel is made up as follows :
- A mineral core 30 mm thick.
- A galvanized steel bottom plate.
- An ABS surround, heat bonded to the edge of the mineral core.

Bullet3 Coverings :
The Gammapac M0 panel is available with the following coverings :
- High Pressure Laminate
- Vinyl or Linoleum
- Carpet in free laid tiles
This panel may be supplied without covering.

Bullet3 Dimensions :
Standard size : 600 mm

Bullet3 Options :
For panels without covering only :
- Top galvanized steel plate

Bullet3 Fire classification:
The Gammapac M0 panel is classed M0.

Bullet3 Electrical resistance :
It varies from 5x105 to 2x1012 ohms, depending on the properties of the covering.

Bullet3 Acoustic :
The acoustic insulation measured between 2 adjacent rooms, separated by a densely insulated partition, varies from 49 to 54 dBA depending on the covering (Dn,f,w according to Standard NF EN ISO 10848-2).

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Load Classes
  Framework Class Certificate
Gammapac M0
1A (or 1B or 1C)
Nr. 08.12.0205
Gammapac M0
stringers 30/15
2A (or 2B or 2C)
Nr. 08.12.2205
Gammapac M0
stringers 45/15
2A (or 2B or 2C)
Nr. 08.12.3205

Survey Institute : SOCOTEC CONSULTING.
All technical changes reserved without further notice.

NB :A system classed 2A is a system for which the ultimate load is at least 6 kN ( load class 2 ).
The working load of this system is at least 3kN, with a safety factor of 2, for a deflection less than 2.5mm ( deflection class A).
See tables below for the other classes.

Load classes according to NF EN 12825
and using safety factor = 2.0

LOAD CLASS 1 2 3 4 5 6
Ultimate load > 4 kN > 6 kN > 8 kN > 9 kN > 10 kN > 12 kN
Working load > 2 kN > 3 kN > 4 kN > 4.5 kN > 5 kN > 6 kN
Deflection class Maximum deflection
A ( the most stringent )
2.5 mm
B 3.0 mm
C ( the least stringent )
4.0 mm