Crédit Agricole - GREENFIELD & ALEMBERT - 2011


Buildings - Datacenters


Chartres, France

Data Center -Crédit Agricole

10,000 m² of technical floors – GAMMABOX 30 and 38 – Laminate covering

These data centers, with a surface area of ​​14,000 m² each, were built and completed in 2011.
The projects were led by the architectural firm ENIA.

These are computing centers for the bank, with a mirror site of one another, built near Chartres.

Photo issue du site ENIA
Photo from the Enia website
Photo from the Enia website
GAMMA industries was selected to create the technical floors with the provision of GAMMABOX 30 and 38 mm panels. This product is pre-intended for very technical premises and is very frequently used for Data Centers in France. the website of the architectural firm:   The capingelec website on these projects: