Raising you to excellence


Gamma Industries’ expertise lies in mastering every aspect of its business: from the design and manufacturing of raised floors to their installation in all types of environments.

This expertise is the result of more than 60 years of experience in the raised floor industry.

We carry out supply and installation projects, or supply-only projects via specialist distribution networks in France and abroad.

Project design and Advice

For each new project, whether it involves construction or renovation, our experts will visit the site to assess the specific requirements of the project and recommend the optimal solutions.

In coordination with the architects and all players, we plan the entire project: choice of materials and products, structure, planning of human resources necessary for the site, coordination of teams

Raised floors


Our custom design team produces drawings based on the architectural plans.  Layout plans are drawn up to ensure optimum positioning of panels, pedestals, ramps, risers and bridging profiles, and to ensure high-quality installation.

Our design and sizing tools   (Autocad, Revit, BIM, etc.) are interfaced with our information system, providing a direct link with all of the company’s departments (procurement, manufacturing, installation, etc.). 

  • Layout planning
  • Structural dimensioning
  • Calculation notes (for complex structures)
  • Detailed drawings and plans

Manufacturing of raised access flooring

Located in the Oise region of France, the Gamma Industries production site has been making all the components for raised floors for almost 50 years:

  • Composite panels, mineral panels, aluminium panels, with or without a finish
  • Pedestals, supporting stringers, connecting stringers,
  • Ramps, risers, steps,
  • Drilling of panels, cut-outs for floor outlets, railings,
  • Special frames for heavy loads

Our manufacturing premises cover 9,000 m² and are operated in accordance with ISO 9001. Our production resources and information system enable us to promptly meet our customers’ needs. Our products are produced using highly-automated production lines, operated by qualified staff who are committed to excellence.

Close to the Paris region and the main transport routes, our production site combines fast delivery with flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.

Installation and implementation

The installation of our raised floors is managed by a Gamma Industries project leader, dedicated to each project. Our installation teams are experienced and familiar with the constraints and hazards of construction site environments.

Maintenance and Renovation

Several years after the installation of the raised floor, old and severed cables, as well as various plastic and metal components, start to accumulate in the plenum (empty space between the panels and the original floor).

It is therefore sometimes necessary to intervene in order to prevent any incidents, and in some cases to facilitate the installation of future equipment. Our teams at Gamma Industries can carry out these maintenance operations to recreate a clean, usable space, or to bring the site back to its “bare” state before handing it over in pristine condition to the owner of the property.

export distribution

We export our raised access floors all over the world via our dedicated international sales department, which is fully aware of the specificities of international transactions.

By choosing Gamma Industries’ products, you can be sure of certified products tailored to your needs, and of technical and sales support available throughout the duration of your project.

Our aim is to ensure that your raised floor fully meets your expectations.

International projects

Distribution in France

In France, we market our entire product range through specialised distribution networks that cover the entire country.

Our partners can advise you on the most appropriate products for your needs. They benefit from ongoing technical support from Gamma Industries for our entire range.

So you can be sure of a local service that guarantees your raised floor will fully meet your expectations.